The most sought-after professions during the pandemic

After the spread of the Corona virus, many professions stopped while others became very active. Here dear reader, the most popular professions in this period:
1- Doctor: It is the profession most in demand at this stage that it led countries to accelerate the graduation of the 2020 batch ahead of time.
2- Nurse: It is the second profession after the doctor in terms of eligibility because of its role in caring and alleviating patients.
3- Medic: A person who is trained to do medical work, especially emergency first aid, but is not usually a fully qualified physician.
4- Security personnel: Watch over security and respect the state of quarantine to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
5- Scientists: These are in a feverish race for an effective treatment against the Corona virus.

In the end, we can only salute those and all those we have forgotten about mentioning their profession, for their noble and mighty efforts in this fateful struggle in the history of humanity.

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